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    Cingular replacements for the Treo 650 do not include a battery. You have to keep yours to use in your replacement. As far as the stylus I was specifically told I need not return it so I did not. No problems.
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    Is there anywhere you can actually BUY an extra stylus that fits the 650?
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    Lots of places. Google is your friend. You can buy them at TreoCentral, by the way. Some of them have ink pens inside.
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    Keep the Battery and the phone, and send back the stylus.
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    When you trade in your car, do you keep the battery?
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    When I got my Cingular exchange unit a few weeks back, it was actually a brand new unit in the box w/ everything. I actually called them because the instructions sounded like I was only supposed to send back the phone, and they said yes, just send back the phone and keep the chargers and stuff. I did return it w/ the battery and stylus, thought, because figured that was part of the phone.
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    I got my 3rd Treo 650 last night. This one looks like a keeper. I decided to keep the extra stylus under the policy of don't send back the accessories.

    I upgraded the locked phone from 1.05/1.04 to 1.23 than to the final 1.28. I than reinstalled all my apps manually not wanting to risk wierd preference files.

    I called Cingular today at 866-490-2666 and had my replacement unlock code in less than 5 minutes!

    I hope to be in Treo nirvana now.
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