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    I just got the Treo 650. I've had several PalmOS PDAs in the past and liked the fact that when you power down intentionally or by timeout, the next time you power up you go right back to where you were before powering down. Whenever the 650 times out, the next time I power up, I go back to the phone, contacts or whatever application is associated with the button that I am using to power up. Is there any way to power up to the last point I was at before timing out? It's extremely annoying when I'm doing something and get distracted, the device times out and when I go back, I have to hunt back to where I was. Somebody help.

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    If by "powering up" you mean turning the screen back on, try this:

    Hold down the Option key (the one under the A) and press the red power button. This turns the screen on without sending any commands. I use this when my phone goes dark during a call and I want to get the light back without ending the call.
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    The red power button itself will wake up the Treo to the state it was in when it timed out and went to sleep.
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    That is beautiful. Thanks. By the way, can I program the side button to be option powerup?

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