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    I've been using the UDHM application along with Dbcache tool plus PXA clocker, and I think it's pretty interesting. I have Cingular GSM with the newest firmware.

    Here's what i noticed:

    Just using PXA at 468 with no UDHM and no DBcache, it seems that overall speed is pretty fast. However, just using PXA and DBcache, it seems to speed up app switching while slowing down some other functions like loading pics, sending email, etc. When all three is used, it slows down loading some programs, but i have noticed a major decrease in loading pics from card, or big programs, and calender, etc are lightning fast.

    My question is what does UDHM plus DBcache tool do together? Why does the Treo 650 act in different ways when i load different combinations of these three tools on it?
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    Can you give me a pointer to UDHM? I can not locate it.
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