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    I used to have a treo 600. I've just bought a new treo 650 gsm and before installing everithing on it, I've made the upgrade to firmware 1.28 and software 1.13 ROW.

    I don't know if it depends on the upgrade or the problem was alreday present, but when finally I've begun to use my Treo I've noticed that the quality of music is very bad: Every few second I hear a noise, a little buzz as a radio not well tuned.

    looking in the forums no one seems to complain for quality of music reproduction in the treo 650.
    Any help, any suggestion?
    thank you
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    This sounds unusual - mine is quiet as a mouse. What MP3 player are you using? Are you sure the noise is not encoded into the files?

    Finally, have you tried listening on other headphones in case it is the lead or plug at fault.
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    I'm using realplayer but also pocket tunes.
    obviously is not coded in the Mp3 file.
    the same problem occurs with the headphone and with the speakerphone.

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