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    Ok guys i am new to the treo 650 seen. Everything has been working for me so far, i even put the updater on without any problems. I have service with sprint and can't figure out one thing. How do you turn the keypad backlight on? I have looked all through options and don't know how. I know it works cause it turns on when i adjust the brightness! Someone please help me...
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    With the 1.12 firmware, the keyboard brightness is now adjustable in conjunction with the screen brightness, otherwise there is no on/off switch -- unless you have 3rd party software to do so.

    You must have your screen brightness set low?

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Well i have the screen brightness set high and the keypad still doesn't light up. It only lights up when i turn on the brightness adjustment, and move it left to right?????
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    I fixed it. Nothing a reset couldn't handle.
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