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    I thought Butler could do this, but I all I see is the solid orange for voicemail. Has anyone created an app that allows the LED to flash orange instead of green for a message received?

    I apologize if this is the wrong place for this post, but I figured this would get good exposure here.


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    I don't believe this is possible, because there isn't an orange LED in there. Only red and green.
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    Mine has a orange LED. And it stays orange when I have a voicemail.
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    Actually, I have a program called Treo Allegro (freeware) on my T600. It allows you to set the LED up to go green, red or orange (presumably it uses green and red to get orange?) but only lets you set it up for Voicemail or SMS alerts.

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    Treo Allego no worky very well on the 650, except for SMS alerts...
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    Yeah, I'd like something that can either go solid orange, or flashing orange for the Versamail alert. I think the Versamail alert uses the standard Alert Manager so any program that can do solid orange or flashing orange for SMS should work as well.

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