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    I did search the forum for this subject, but didn't see much info. My 650 (Cingular) occasionally turns the phone off for no apparent reason. I am generally careful when handling it, but once or twice fumbled it onto a desk blotter causing it to fall only one or two inches and the phone shut off. I thought, OK, it took a don't do that again, but a couple of times, it shut of while sitting on a desk or in its holster without being touched. I guess these instances account for the times I've picked it up to find the phone already shut off, wondering how long I've been unreachable. Anyone else experiencing this?
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    I hadnt heard of that one, but that dosent mean much.

    If it shuts off daily the only thing to do is hard reset and run around for a day or 2 without syncing to decide whether the problem is 3rd party software or hardware.

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