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    Hello all-

    I am a IT Consultant, and my clients are charged by time (30 MIN BLOCKS). I need an application that could manage my time for me. I have tried a few freeware applications, but none seem to do what i am looking for. All i really need is :

    start time - marks time at begining of appointment.
    stop time - marks the end time
    notes - write down info about that appointment

    if this could integrate with outlook or the info could be emailed, it would be great as well.

    Any information is appreciated,


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    You might want to check out an app called 'TimeKM' from Pensera - - mostly for lawyers, but it might work in your world.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nrosser
    You might want to check out an app called 'TimeKM' from Pensera - - mostly for lawyers, but it might work in your world.
    Thanks for your reply. It sounds nice, but i think its a bit more than i need. I also cannot seem to locate a trial. Does anyone know another timekeeping application?


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    I have been using PicoTrak ( ) for years. It has changed names a couple of times, but it works great...
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    I just moved from a Samsung I500 to the Treo 650 so I do not know of one that takes advantage of the Hi-Res or 'D' pad but I used Timesheet by Sankey v1.2 availabel at I found it to be very simple, yet complete for my needs. Basdd on the inital post it should fill the need. Good luck!

    ~~~ gottago ~~~
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    Check-out T.E.A.K. (Time, Expense, Automobile Keeper). It does time, expenses, mileage, etc.:

    I have used it for years. As a lawyer, I find it works very well...and integrates with
    a desktop companion.
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    I just use the included calendar and start the description in every billable block of time with a job code followed by a dash. I sync to Outlook and when I need to bill I do a search in Outlook for that code-dash and export to Excel, add up the "duration" field and bill based on that. It would be too unwieldy if you had a lot of active files, but I find that for up to a dozen or so it works fine and it's free.
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    Thanks for all the updates! i think picotrak is just about what im looking for. i wish there were an app that would do this, but integrate into outlook calender or tasks.

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    check out AllTime from iambic software. it's simple and works. i've been using it for years. and i believe there is a demo available.

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    Time Logger from Expensive, but full featured, good conduit, and works great.
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