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    I have a bmw X5 2005. Prior to the update, my phone would connect for a few fleeting seconds and I could make the beginning of a call before it looped. I stopped using it.

    Now I was excited about the updater but the phone won't connect at all. Does anyone know whats going on??

    I would really appreciate the help.
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    Sorry I can't offer any help, but I wanted to tell you the same thing happened to me...

    I have a '05 BMW 545i and I successfully paired my Treo 650 v. 1.08 with the bluetooth in the car. Couldn't transfer the phonebook, but the workaround was to transfer all contacts as a speed dial in a Favorites button. This was working for about 3 weeks.

    Anyway, the new updater came out and I updated my Treo to version 1.12 and I am unable to pair. Neither device sees the other. I tried everything from the phone side, and even deleted my old profile in the cars iDrive.

    Needless to say, I don't think this version palmOne released works with BMW. I think I even remember seeing on palmOne's site that BMW was initially supported with 1.12 and another page said BMW was not supported.

    Please let me know if you get anywhere with this thread.
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    Just a data point. I have an '05 525i (9/04 build date). I ran 1.08 and upgraded to 1.13 (have a GSM unlocked Treo). Pairs successfully. The Treo implementation:

    1. Only transfers favorites (by design)
    2. Cannot support "extra digits" (ends up putting the 650 into a reset loop if there are any favorites with extra digits).
    3. Does not support the signal strength indicator.

    Otherwise works fine with these caveats. Are you sure you're going through the pairing procedure correctly? Make sure that the Bluetooth enabled box is checked in the bluetooth communications iDrive menu and that you are sitting in the "Bluetooth connection in this window" dialog when you do the pairing.

    See this link for detailed instructions on pairing:

    PS. You may need to delete the old pairing from the bluetooth menu and repair from scratch if you had already paired successfully prior to the upgrade.

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