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    My wife's 1, 4, 7, Phone (green) & Up Arrow keys have stopped working. I tried a soft reset and no improvement.

    Not much of a Phone if you cannot start phone w/green button. She also has no way to dial 911 in an Emergency.

    I am guessing it is a hardware failure in some type of keyboard scan circuit.

    Any ideas?
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    Do you mean 650? The 600 doesn't have a green phone button.

    If it's a 650, it should be under warranty.
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    It was a 600, I was looking at my 650 when posting.

    Soft reset didn't fix it, so did a hot sync in prep for a hard reset and reload. After hot sync, the buttons mentioned all started working again without needing the hard reset.

    Go figure????
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    Given the numbers in the keypad are in a row, it's probably a hardware problem like you said.

    Have you considered opening the device up and checking for dirt and liquid? Sometimes stuff grows on the boards over time and can be cleaned off fairly easily that may resolve the problem. There's always eBay you can purchase a used device with a damaged display, and the price can be fairly cheap.

    Or course, there's always Palm for $179.00 plus tax

    good luck
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    Can you use the touchpad for dialing? If not, then it sounds like an electronic failure...

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