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    I have had two apps disappear with the message "the file was not found at the specified location. (VFS 2A08)". One was an app I had had for about 3 years, a dictionary and the other was more recent, unit convert. Any help would be appreciated
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    I have had Vindigo disappear on my three time now. Is anyone else having apps disappear ?
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    i had apps(or sometimes databases) dissapear a couple of times too,but my problem was Powerrun.everything would be fine,then when i try to load a program i'll get a fault. when i look on the card using fileZ under card/programs/powerrun/xxx folder there would be nothing in the folder!!i don't know why it happens but i always backup my 2GB card to my computer once a month,besides a hotsync(when it works right) that way i dont "lose" anything.....

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