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    I have my alarm set at 4:45am to play an mp3.
    This morning I woke up at 6:00am, looked at my Treo and was like: Gee, what happened to my alarm? The screen says it went off but I heard nothing.

    I get home and I notice I don't hear the key presses. I call my phone and it rings...OK. I fire up my mp3 sound.

    I set my profile to ALL_ON (as it implies, it is a test profile with everything on, vibrating and on loud). No sound.


    ! So I go get my earphone and put the plug in the jack then take it out. Fire up the mp3 again...SOUND! Keypresses, uh huh!

    Stupid phone jack was stuck. That's why I did not hear my alarm but the phone still rings through the same speaker.

    I was thinking...I used my el-cheapo phone's alarm to catch planes. I would have missed a plane and I would have been uppppset.

    Just in case it happens to you...check the sound before you go to bed.
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    Interesting you should suggest that. I always give it a check before bed if I'm using the alarm. Actually I use the calendar app to set alarms.
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    I set the T650, set the alarm clock, and if I'm on the road, I get a wake up call. Call me paranoid!
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    Heck, years ago I used to pay a co-worker's daughter 50 cents a day to call me. I had an old hotel-style phone that rang ferociously. $2.50 a week she got just to dial a number before she hit the school bus.

    Then I started using Mr. Wakeup - which was an awesome service - they never failed to call me. Even gave me the weather.

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    the alarm has never failed me, but I always set the alarm, and a calendar & notepad alarm as back-ups just in case... I don't have a lot of faith in the treo as a alarm
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    I used to use three alarms -- alarm clock, PDA and cell phone. Now that I have a Treo the PDA and cell are only one device. Not sure what I'm going to do about that, long term. I'm working out of town and decided not to pack my alarm clock. I just went to Radio Shack and bought a cheap one so I'll have more than one device. So for now I guess it's just two. I hope my Treo never fails though, because my new alarm clock has the most painful ring ever!
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    There should be an overwrite vibrate option on the alarm I've missed the alarm before too
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    anyone have a good alarm program thats free or pretty cheap?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alky
    anyone have a good alarm program thats free or pretty cheap?
    Do a search for Diddlebug. I use it for almost all of my alarms. Also, I very rarely enter anything in my "Tasks" because it is so much easier to jot a note to myself in Diddlebug.

    With the Sprint updates the digitizer is finally much better, allowing for smoothly drawn lines and easy to read handwritten notes.
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