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    I'm trying out Word Doc Converter with QED, and so far love the elegant simplicity of these programs. However, my Palm/User/Backup directory is piling up and getting cluttered. I tried creating sub-directories within Backup to sort the files (which include not just my new Doc files but lots of user-installed application-related files that don't have their own conduit), but after syncing, all the same files re-appear back in the main Back-up directory. Anybody have any ideas? Anybody understand what the heck I'm talking about?
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    If you are creating subfolders without deleting the files from the Visor- they will reappear in the backup folder everytime after synching .

    If you simply want to be able to restore a doc at a later date then I'd suggest moving it totally out of the Palm folders and putting them somewhere down in your My Documents folder; thus making it easier to back up to whatever back up system you use for your desktop.

    You might want to consider getting a flash backup module - this will allow you to keep them on the springboard instead of your desktop altogether and then you don't have to worry about moving them etc.
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