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    My husband who is on his 3rd new 650 due to poor signal and dropped calls has been using the innopocket aluminum case. (I have a 650 and don't have the issues like he has had) Prior to him smashing it on the floor, we tried the phone out of the case, and low and behold, he doesn't have the issues! Don't know why the case is causing signal issues, but it appears to be so. Who would have known!
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    I have read that there is a 6db sig loss due to metal cases. If you have poor sig strenght call will drop. But this is reported on the vx6600 it should not be the case on the 650 since it has an external Ant.
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    Hmmmm..... Im using the inno case also and i have a problem with the speaker phone. Lots of people complains about not being able to hear me and breaking up / lots of noise in the background when I use speaker phone. Also, one of my friends cant hear me on regular phone / i cant hear him either.

    Im waiting for my leather case to come in from the palm store, but i somehow feel that it might be the metal case causing some of my problems, mabe yours as well.......

    We'll find out
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    what does he need a case for? i simply carry in my pocket with a screen protector.
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    He needs a case to protect it at work, and I even find with everyday use and a simple case, my 600 took some hits with a slip of the hand. I can't imagine no case at all!
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    Quite some time ago, I gave up on waiting for the Innopocket Magnesium case, and order an EB Flipper, leather case. I was using an Innopocket/Rhino aluminum case before. My signal strentgh has definitely increased and I have less dropped calls.
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    Interesting. I've had the Inno aluminum from day one, and have also had signal issues - on my second 650. I just got the Speck skin case and have noticed an improvement.....

    Any really techie folks who could explain this? And will my magnesium case that is en route present the same issues as the aluminum may have?
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    I have not recieved my innopocket case for my 650 yet(damn snail mail) however, I have used the innopocket case on other PDA's and haven't really noticed a difference, of course there is a small one because of the internal antennas. The case is contructed of aluminum, which in itself is not a ferrous material, like for instance a choke on the end of a power supply cord whose main purpose is to absorb stray RF. This is not to say that the case will not absorb any RF. but tecnically speaking, it should be an extremely negligible amount because it is not very thick, and belive it or not, the plastic coating on the case, although very thin will also help prevent the RF from being absorbed by the case. One way to find out would be to take the treo to your service provider, and ask if they can run a battery of tests on it, once with, and once without the case. I know sprint has the ability, maybe not in all of their stores, but a decent portion of them.
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    All I know is that with my innopocket case bluetooth reception is FAR worse than the pathetic range the 650 normally has.
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    I would think metal would affect it - just like it would many other things.

    Anyway, I use a leather case and have no problem. I went for a velcro closure because I think the snap or magnet would affect reception. You put tin foil on a TV antenna, it affects the reception.

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    I'm with you mediasi.... I think the alum cases and the magnets do affect reception.
    Also, a year ago there was some talk about the magnets causing some of the problems with the spots in the screens. I sure don't know anything from a tested standpoint, but it makes logical sense to me.

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    I don't have the whole technical story on it, but the aluminum case that I was using did definitely affect call reception as I mentioned earlier and it did definitely affect the bluetooth reception as well. I have a bluetooth connection at home for network access to the net and with the aluminum case, the range was definitely smaller.
    Since I went to my leather case (velco enclosure), I have noticed a huge difference on everything.

    Look at it this way, for those that have verizonized Sprint phones and don't have a serial cable to update their PRLs, the suggestion is to put aluminum foil over their antenna and that side of the treo to dampen the Sprint signal in hopes of picking of Verizon's signal. And numerous people have said it works. Now that's aluminum foil, which is no where near as thick as the aluminum in the Rhino and innopocket cases. Not sure about how much interference magnesium causes, but I'm sure it causes some too.

    Oh yeah, one more thing, the antenna that sticks up out of the treo is not the whole antenna. It does extend down that side of the treo internally as well. I read that in a thread on here somewhere. Look at where the external antenna connection is. The internal antenna has to at least go that far down.
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    After several days of informal testing, we have proven the poor signal is due to the aluminum case. Will the magnum do the same? I would assume so.
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    Guys, metal case for cellphone is such an insane idea. Any metal sheet or mesh would act as perfect electromagnetic shield for the phone, rendering it useless. Of course, you have the little stub antenna but the case blocks a good portion of its receiving space nevertheless.

    In addition, the phone itself, besides the antenna, also supplements the antenna (except for all metal case phones, which are rare -- personally I don't know of any and it'd be a bad idea if there is any). The metal case, of course, beats the design completely.

    This ranks right up there with plastic covers for your leather car seat.
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    Does that mean that we are less exposed to radiation or electro magnetic waves? Since the metal works as an electromagnetic shield then we may be safer from the waves than without the case. Anybody wants to expose some ideas or theories?


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    If you're so freaked out about oh-so-scary RADIATION from your cellphone, use a headset (not bluetooth, tho -- that's another oh-so-scary RADIATION) and keep it at arms length all the time.

    We live in this crazy soup of electromagnetic oscillations of all frequencies all the time and there's no escape unless you have an all-metal undisclosed bunker. Apparently, we're ok. So the only extra oh-so-scary RADIATION you get from your cellphone is when it transmits out signals -- when you talk, and when the phone occasionally tells the towers where it is. It's a very weak signal.

    Now, if you're on the cellphone constantly, you may be well justified to take precautions -- use a headset and hold it out a bit while talking (the oh-so-scary RADIATION weakens four times as the distance from you doubles). The rest of us, it's not worth the numerous brains cells spent worrying about it.

    Also, analog signals are much stronger (several times?) than digital. If you're on prolonged roaming, use a headset.
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    I spent a couple of hours this weekend with my VZW in and out of the case, not just looking at the number of bars, but also the RSSI (relative signal strength indicator - #*#33284 and "dial" on VZQ phones). There certainly is better performance without the metal case. In another lifetime I held a 1st Class FCC license (now a Commercial Radiotelephone license). Metal around an antenna can inductively couple into a transmitted signal and change the propagation properties.

    A word on "radiation".... All energy is "radiation" - including light. In order for "radiation" to cause cancer chemical bonds must be broken to produce mutant strands of DNA. Not until the ultraviolet region of the electromagnetic spectrum is reached - beyond visible light, beyond infrared, and far, far, beyond radio/microwaves do photons have sufficient energy to break chemical bonds. Electromagnetic radiation at low frequencies can heat highly conductive materials (i.e. induction heating is used to weld metals in the 400 - 600 khz range and thousands of watts of power within a water cooled coil). And, as we know, microwaves can heat less conductive materials such as foods or flesh. The key is heating - not ionizing. The risk to exposure to high levels of electromagnetic radiation is only there. Microwave technicians have told me that in "the old days" the greatest risk was to subtle temperature changes in the eyes which would be most susceptible to heating from exposure to microwaves.
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    signal strenth is great with my magnesium case so far
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    signal strenth is great with my magnesium case so far

    Have you compared it with and without the case? Or in the aluminun case compared to the magnesium case? We need comparisons.


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    yes...with and without...that's what I meant when I said it was great
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