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    Got a used 180, and it is much quieter than my former cellphone, even at full volume. Is there any way to boost the volume past the usual max? All suggestions welcome!
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    On the Treo 650, there is now an app named VolumeCare ( that enable you to do that, on the 180 I don't know...
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    Thanx Gerome. What I've found in the mean time is to put the Treo onto "Speakerphone", which seems to be just a boosted volume of the regular phone.
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    Depending on the headset you have , there is a noticeable difference.

    I bought one in the mall.. a no name brand, and it sits further/ better in my ear.

    With one of my headsets, I look like Ted Baxter with my hand pressing in the headset into my ear.

    You may want to pick up a different ear piece... You want one for nokias, that have 3 black rings on the plug that goes into the jack
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    Thanx for this. I don't use any extra earpiece (is that what headset means?). I just use the phone itself. A software solution must be possible since the speakerphone raises the volume, but then it's too high for regular use. Ho hum.

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