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    I'm on cingular and the network settings (preprogrammed from the SIM) are good. I can access sites fine except www. infospace .com... I rely a lot on this site... Ideas?

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    Someone please check this for me--i still have this problem.

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    Just accessed the page w no problem.

    ATTWS Treo650
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    Works for me on Cingular Orange. But if you are trying to check your email from I think that Cingular Orange blocks that request due to an SLA with infospace (They provide medianet stuff)
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    Thanks--finally tried this with my Nokia 6600 and that didn't work, either... ???

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    I had problems before and after the update. One day, bam!! Gone just like that.
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    Hi! I am a newbie here but I have visited the site many times before.

    Have you tried configuring a proxy server to access this site? You might want to try this:

    Open your browser then go to Menu>Options>Preferences>Advanced tab> click Set Proxy> check Use Custom Proxy and under proxy server type and make sure it is set to Port: 80.

    This might work. Good luck!
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    the proxy works but you should not need to use a proxy. there seems to be some problem with cingular. web sites randomly become unreachable through the treo but works fine through a proxy or from any pc. see link.,8542.0.html
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    I am a sprint user but I have a friend who is a cingular user that wants to buy 650... for the sole use of the blue tooth upgrade... the problem is that cinguler does not have an upgrade... here is my question... can he buy an unlocked 650 and use it with is current sim card? and if so where can he purchase one?
    thanks in advance...

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