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    I would REALLY appriciate it someone could assist me with answering these questions regarding a Treo 650. I am putting together a Tip Sheet for my company and I am not sure about a few things.

    •Call Log -- I couldn't find a way to view a list of missed and dialed calls. Where is that feature located?

    • The Treo can play .wav files, yet it can't play our voicemails (we have Cisco Phones that send our voicemails via email to our Outlook and/or PDA's.

    •With Goodlink software, you can view your folder tree. The GT manual (I just can't call it a Good Manual) says Note: Only messages sent or received after you set up your handheld appear in the folders. Only messages sent to your Inbox or other folders that you’ve designated for synchronization using Options | GoodLink Preferences | Email Delivery will appear on the handheld. When I look in the folders, I also see messages that I have filed since the Treo was set up. Can we find out how long that message will stay there, assuming there is adequate storage? We talked about this once before. You didn't know you could see the messages. I could see them on my BB if they were filed within the last 15 days. Is there a way to say for sure?

    • If a Treo that's been in the Hudson River rings, does it make a sound? (just kidding)

    Thank you!!
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    Here we go:

    mVoicemail ( will allow you to listen to voicemails.

    As for the folders, the messages will stay on the device indefinitely UNTIL you need more room. Bear in mind, that the entire message is not on the handheld, only the first 2K (unless you download the rest). I have folders with 100's of messages.

    Now, what you may need to do is to run the fetch command to populate the rest of the folders with the old messages:

    go to the GoodLink Home Screen

    type the word 'debug' without quotes
    you will get a command prompt
    type 'fetch 1000 inbox:*' again without quotes, and hit the return key

    this will populate all of your folders. If you have more than 1000 emails in the folders to move, you can do it multiple times.
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    Cool! Thanks so much!

    What about a call log. Does the Treo have a place where you can view your outgoing, incoming & missed calls?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jogerson
    Cool! Thanks so much!

    What about a call log. Does the Treo have a place where you can view your outgoing, incoming & missed calls?
    From the phone screen press the phone button. This should bring up a redial list, but at the top should be "Dial Pad" and "Call Log".
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    Push the green phone button twice
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    Can you erase individual calls in your log?
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    Yes, you can delete individual items.
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    You guys are awesome! Thank you!

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