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    Ringer of my Treo270 is (almost) dead. Any ideas on how to go about repair? Where exactly ringer is located inside?


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    I think the ringer is also the speaker. Not much hope there except to open up the flip cover.
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    I could locate ringer device with some effort. It is located on back side slightly above SIM card cover. It is not visible from SIM card window, you have to open the case. It looks like a small square black device.

    It is actually similer to alarm ringers on most cheap electronic alarm clocks, but of smaller size. But I think it will be difficult to get replacement part for this.

    Any more ideas on this?

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    BTW I could make the ring slightly louder by removing black plastic cover on ringer device.

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    So you've actually opened the case?

    I have not really performed major surgery on the Treo as I did not have the problems. Your best source are people like nzmoko and Gordon-Gekko.

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