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    You may be wondering what these three have in common...

    I have a 650 that I use on T-Mobile. I upgraded the ROM over the weekend, things seem to be working ok.

    T-Mobile recently changed their network voicemail notification from a text message to turning on the voicemail symbol and triggering an alert that there is voicemail.

    Today, for the first time since upgrading the ROM, I got a voicemail. And my Treo seemed to go into soft-reset recycle. The symbol came up, and the Treo reset, and when the phone powered up after the reset, it reset again a few seconds later. I tried a hard-reset, and with no data in the phone at all, saw the same behaviour. I called and retrieved (and deleted) the voicemail, and the behavior seems to have gone away.

    Anyone else seeing this kind of behaviour??
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    Where are you located? I'm in Boston and still see the SMS text message.
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    In Dallas and I still get the SMS text...
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    hey, i've been getting the vmail indicator for some time now. Typically, I'll notice it through TakePhone.
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    There was a post a while back that had a roll out schedule for the voicemail change on T-Mobile and I can't find it now. I'm in Phoenix and it was supposed to happen 5-5 but I still get the SMS. It started on the West Coast a few months ago.
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    Ok, now I've had a little more time to trouble shoot. The phone is resetting everytime I get an incoming call. I thought it might be a conflict with Datebk5's alarm handling, and turned it off, but still have the problems.

    However, I have done another hard reset, and retested, and the behaviour goes away (things work correctly).

    SO, I am now rolling back my Palm to Sunday night after I did the upgrade and know everything was working (via Backupbuddy 2), and hopefully will be able to also get rid of whatever software glitch I introduced in the last few days...

    BTW, I am in Denver ... I guess T-Mobile is doing a rolling upgrade of voicemail...
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    I'm using a unlocked CNG T650 on the T-mobile network in Las Vegas. After the 1.28 upgrade, my v-mail notification has changed from a yellow envelop icon to the "o-o" symbol. (did not know how else to make or describe that symbol)

    No resetting.
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