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    I have a Cingular Treo 650 with Power run and Zlauncher. I've installed and reinstalled Vindigo and oneworld timetable to try to run them off the SD card. Although they both run now, oneworld won't update on syncing. Anyone have any experience with this one?

    Also, my phone's memory seems to be reduced now with the same programs in RAM as previously. Does the phone eat memory even after programs are uninstalled? What can I do to recover memory?
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    ever get it solved? Also, are u able to get the timetable to operate when the database and/or application is on the card and not in ram?
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    yes, sort of. Both aps run from the card (takes a while to load and unload, but not terrible as I don't use them regularly). Vindigo usually loads in RAM and card on re-syncing, but then I just delete it and re-set up a shortcut with Zlauncher (who says this functionality doesn't exist!). Oneworld says it doesn't sync, but the existing timetable is there - I haven't tried to update it when it's updated - whenever that is.

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