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    Hi all,
    I've been a Palm user for ages. Finally I am carrying too many toys on my belt. I'm looking to join the Treo650 family. I have a few questions and hope you can help.

    - I am sure you don't get the T5 dirve mode thing on Treo, but how much store you can really have?

    - Can you use Document2go to edit files in the NVRAM?

    - can you use Document2go to edit files in the SD card?

    - will the disappointing Palm WiFi card works on a 650?

    - Will cingular help me unlock the 650?

    thanks a lot and i am looking forward to join you guys.

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    Yes and Yes on the Docs to Go . . . . .

    Get a 1GB or 2GB SD card, you will fill it up with tunes soon enough. . .

    Cheers, Perry
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    there aren't drivers for the wifi and treo 650.

    22.4mb builtin storage

    Cingular will help you unlock if you know what to say ( traveling overseas I believe ), do a search, there is a lot of discussion concerning that.
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