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    Just a word of warning to potential buyers. I bought my case on eBay back in December or January -- it looks & sounds exactly like the one TC is selling in the store as the VP6 vertical pouch case. (The cousin of the similar-appearing P6 horizontal.)

    After about 6 months of use at a rate of only 2-4 days per week (on days when I'm not wearing a suit), the back of the case ripped right at the seams. It would appear that the stitching and/or "leather" is not strong enough to support the natural pull from the belt clip. Photo below shows the large tear, and there's a smaller one just starting on the other side.

    I'm not writing this to complain, and my apologies to TC if it hurts their sales, but just a word of warning -- you get what you pay for. Me? I just ordered a Nutshell. (They'll add a magnetic closure for $5 extra.)
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