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    thanx for the quick response. I dont see anywhere on their site that they are offering TT5. Where did you see that? How much you paying for the whole bundle?
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    I emailed them and confirmed they hadnt updated the website but if I order using the TT2004 links they will ship me TT5 for that price (and once I ordered I put a comment in the order page to hold until TT5 ships and they did exactly that).

    The bundle I got was the BT338 for $144 and TT5 software for $105, along with a Seidio 2500M for my Treo650 for $119 (I also had a 10% off coupon that lowered the prices further...I got the coupon after signing up at gpspassions forum )) can email them if you want to confirm...

    Compare the email I got from them to what you get from even know what firmware is on the GPS units they sell

    Hi Steve,

    We can put your order on hold until TT5 is ready. Please specify in the comment.

    If you are getting a GPS today, we recommend getting GlobalSat BT-338 or Holux GR-236. Both units are designed based on SiRF III chipset and will have better performance than i.Trek.

    i.Trek BT GPS is still running V2 firmware at this time.


    Support Team,

    Steve wrote:

    I just checked and see you are again offering the G2500 so I was going to put in my order (thanks for the earlier info)

    2 quick questions before I order.

    1) If I order today and add the TomTom Software to the order, will you hold the software shipment until you get TomTom V5 in stock (that would be my preference...order now and ship TT5 when it comes, rather than get TT2004 now). Or should I wait until you show V5 on the order page

    2) Reading the comparison of the GPS receivers (over in the gpspassion forums), they say the i.terk BT receiver you offer is a good system but it has a few bugs that are addressed in the new V3 Firmware from the oem (Nemerix). Do you know if the i.terk B/T receivers you are shipping have V3 firmware (or still the older V2...unfortunately it appears the firmware is not upgradable after it ships so I'd like to make sure I get V3...otherwise I might order a different model)


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    I thought that a GPS receiver comes with the software. So youre saying from this site you have to order the software and reciever seperatley? TT5 was released allready? No one seems to be carrying it. Again thanx for the response, appreciate ure help
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    TomTom Sells Navigator V5 3 different ways

    1) with a B/T Receiver
    2) with a serial Receiver
    3) Software Only

    If you get #1 then its ~$255 at amazon/ etc...and it comes with a B/T Receiver made by an OEM and labeled as TomTom...Uses the latest SIRF III chipset (like the BT-338 I bought...but with a smaller battery)

    #3 is for people that already have a B/T Receiver or what to buy their own sepatarely...In my case, I bought the BT-388 since I wanted the better battery life it has and I could get it through Semsons for less than the TT5 with its own receiver anyway.

    It seems TT5 just started shipping to resellers in the last few days so stores should be stocking it shortly.
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    How do you charge the gps receiver? Does it come with a charger? What kind of batteries?
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    The BT-338 uses a regular Nokia Cell Phone Battery (1700ma)..if forget the exact model but you can buy spares through any cell phone supply site.

    The unit comes with both a AC (Plug) and DC (cigarette) Charger also (I can also charge mine off my Cell phone mount via a DC/DC cable they sell).

    I assume the unit TomTom resells is similar (but smaller battery..the BT-338 can run for ~15hrs between charges...the TomTom model says it lasts ~8hr)
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    My TomTom unit, which just arrived this evening, has a cigarette charger but no AC charger. What cheapskates! I have no idea how to obtain an AC charger, as the TomTom site is still in its brain-dead "Coming Soon!" mode.

    I was able to get it working for a while after lots of trial and error going through the murky instructions, but then whatever charge was in the GPS battery was gone. To go further, I would have to sit in the garage all night with the car charger plugged in.

    Much of the documentation, such at it is, has not been adapted for the US market. For example, when describing automatic activation, which they say works only with a GPRS device, they explain that if your phone can access email that means it must be GPRS. (And in fact, my Sprint CDMA Treo needed to use the hideous manual activation process, which involves entering two separate long security codes into a Web site, and then getting back a third code which is entered into the Treo. It's a total of about 40 digits. What are the chances of getting that right while juggling three devices?

    The unit does have some exciting features, but I'm very turned off by the lack of attention to detail in making it easy to set up. Another example: They give you 8 map CD's and tell you to load the appropriate one for your region. Fine, but the CD's are labeled only as CD1 through CD8. I couldn't find any hint of which one does which part of the country. I later learned the trick: load any one of them, then select the map you want from its setup program, and it will tell you which one you really wanted. How hard would it have been to print the name of the map on the CD?

    Oh, well..that's the price we pay for being "early adopters", I guess. I'm sure things will look brighter in the morning.
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    Where did you purchase your from?
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    Quote Originally Posted by RandyGOP
    Has anyone seen which receiver come from They don't seem to include any information on it.
    I ordered "TOMTOM NAVIGATOR 5 (WIRELESS GPS) COMPATIABLE W/POCKET PC & PALM - 1H50.082" from and it came with the new smaller GPS receiver. See picture.
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    I've used my TT5 for about a day now. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the device. But that said my gripes so far are:
    1) The LED's on the reciever are not bright enough to be seen in the day light. (admittedly it does saves power)
    2) Their contacts integration consists of a separate application which is limited to only showing the contacts address a map or generating a navigation route. (you can't initiate a phone call from it)
    3) I can't assign "Navigator" a favorites button, because it doesn't show up in the application list even though the "Contacts Navigator" application does. (Maybe I'm missing something?)
    4) It would be nice to be able to turn the warning disclaimer off that shows up everytime you start the Navigator appliction.
    5) They don't have bank's as a point of interest. (Probably because banks change names so often)
    6) A traffic circle in South Jersey still shows up in on their current map even though that circle was removed over 2-years ago.
    7.) You can't go back to the "Main Menu" from the "Preferences" menu. (have to exit and reenter.)
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    Look for "start" instead of "Navigator"
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    Interesting that both Amazon and show the name as "COMPATIABLE". I guess someone at TT couldn't decide whether to spell it with an A or an I, so he used both just to be sure.

    I bought mine from mobileplanet. That is not to be considered a recommendation.

    Like GoodHw, I also can't see Navigator in the applications list for Button prefs. Nor do I see anthing called "start". I do see Contacts Navigator, but that's not what I want.

    Despite the claim of up-to-date maps, it can't deal with downtown Boston's new post-Big-Dig configuration. Then again, neither can I....

    Overall I'm impressed, though. Biggest gripe: It makes me wish my Treo had a 6 X 6 inch screen. There's a lot of material crammed in there.

    BTW, I would love to change the name of this thread, which I started. It's obviously moot. Can I do that?

    Can anyone tell me where to find an AC charger for the GPS unit?
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    I've had my TT5 (European version) for a few days and am impressed. I had no problem assigning a button, and Navigator shows on the applications list as 'navigator'. However, I found that if using the SilverScreen launcher Navigator doesn't show as an icon or in the categories list.

    I'm impressed with the mapping. I live on a military airbase, and TT Nav 3 didn't show any of its roads, TTNav5 has all of them. TomTom's website has a place where map inaccuracies can be reported.
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    AC charger? Buy a Car charger adapter and hook it up with it.

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    Sorry if I'm being thick, but what's a car charger adapter? Do you mean something that plugs into the AC and has a 12 volt lighter socket?
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    I just ordered TT5 from and was wondering what maps it came with? Do I need to purchase maps separately or is the US at least included?

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    All of US comes with it, as 8 separate CD's.
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    AC Charger: It looks like Radio Shack Catalog #: 22-505 will do the trick.

    Who knows a good way to mount the Treo on a car dashboard? I want something that will either provide power, or at least not cover up the power socket.
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    I am using tom tom in Europe now, it is fantaastic, i am using it with the tomtom receiver which was the only choice i had given my immediate departure last week. i had to use gogo maps as european maps have nto released. but they are the same except for installing them.

    TT receiver pairs every time with the treo. i had also bought the semens receiver because i thought would be a better route but i could not get the tt without the recieveer last week. <the tom tom receiver is thinner than the semens but slightly longer. quick in pairing and quik in finding gps. downside, battery is not easilz replaceable like the semens, also no ac adapter, but i picked one up cheap at Fry's. this product is great!!!

    (by the way european keyboards suck, as you can see by my typing.)
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    Picture of what comes in the box at least for the US version. (Treo not included - used for scale).
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