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    I submitted my order on 7/30, and the update kit arrived today. Installing now so not sure if there are problems, but I sure am pleased with how fast my order arrived!
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    I don't have the problem that you have - I do see the 4019 error message that I ignore
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    I ordered the super-cheap Semsons bundle last week and it came in a few days: - they've since dropped the price another few bucks!

    I had similar installation errors as have been reported here. I got rid of the 4019 error by deleting the files; I found that installing the Maps was accomplished more easily by copying them from the TomTomMaps directory to the root of the SD card rather than doing the hotsync. I had a problem with the tomtom registration site being down for several hours. Other than that, smooth sailing so far!
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    I'm not sure if anybody else is running the combination of Goodlink, Pocket Tunes and TT5...but I'd be interested to hear from anybody else who is (I'm seeing a bunch of resets/freezes

    1) I almost always have Goodlink running (realtime email/calendar/contacts etc...)
    2) TT5 seems to work ok with Goodlink in the background
    3) If I bring up P-tunes (to play tunes in the background) when I have TT5 (and goodlink) running I've got major stability issues...One example is if I have a route planned and then select 'clear route' the unit will always do a soft reset (and get other random resets/freezes)
    4) If I dont have Goodlink running then P-tunes/TT5 seem to coexist better
    5) If I use RealPlayer to play tunes I dont see this issue..I'm not sure what it is...dbcache and Memory seem to be ok

    Anyway, if anybody else has this combo than I'm curious to see how it is...

    btw...TT5 is pretty cool (when running)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Meinken
    Not sure if it was in this thread that I saw that other people had a problem syncing w/TomTom. That is, that you received errors in your synch log relating to backing up of TomTom map info. I sent TomTom the errors from my log and this is the reply.

    I had four of these errors in my log :-- WARNING: Possible database overwrite problem. Backing up database currentmap.dat to file C:\PROGRAM FILES\Palm\Mark\Backup\currentmap_dat.PDB. The file contained database CurrentMap.dat data.
    Did this fix ever come out?
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    Yep... check out the following thread for the info
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffgrado
    The install cd was not working from the cd drive. It kept looking for a "TOMTOMGO.mnu" file that did not exist. So, I copied all the contents to the hard drive, and ran it from there, in which it worked. Installation then went as advertised, except I also got the sync error that others have been getting. I installed the maps to "card reader" and that worked without problem. I also installed the female UK voice (ah yes, something about those accents) without problem.
    I am getting the same error about TOMTOMGO.mnu. I tried copying everything to my harddrive and running setup from there - same error. I tried copying the palm .mnu file to TOMTOMGO.mnu and it complains about the device name. I submitted a help to TomTom a while ago, but no one ever responded.

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    you can get a human, in my experience a very helpful one, at 978-287-9555

    apart from the appalling installation, it really is a good program
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