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    I'm on my 5th replacement (last 3 with HALRADIOacdc problem), and this time Cingular refused to exchange it and sent me to the corporate store to change the sim card from 64k Axalta to 32k GT card.

    Supposedly the HALRADIOacdc problem was figured out and is caused by SIM card not by defective hardware.

    I do not know what to think of it as most of the folks here blamed it on the bad hardware but few got this resolved by changing the card.

    The new one I have no (no resets so far) is 32k SIM with GT at the end? What brand is that? I know G is for gem plus and A for Axalta but GT?
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    I think this is a Gemplus card. My card has "32k GT" on the front and on the back it says "Gemplus"
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    I just got my hands on 32k GT and it is an Axalto card.
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    I just got back from a Cingular store and the sales guy told me that the Gemplus SIM card is no good with the Cingular update and that I needed to get an Axalta card. I was having problems with my Treo resetting upon receiving SMS messages. I got a new Treo but they were out of the Axalta cards so I need to call Cingular and have them send me one. I hope this works.

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