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    I installed busker in my 650, but now i wanna get rip off it, so what shud i do?? tks.
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    Assuming you don't have Uninstall Manager (and you surely wouldn't be asking this question if you did!), you need to use the Launcher's Delete function ( :menu: D).

    (By the way, this is covered on page 136 of the User Guide. You really should do yourself a favour and read it sometime. )
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    Alzeuzx ...

    Did you set up an account to ask this question?
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    Actually, Alzeuzx has a valid question. To install Busker, it has an installation PRC, which then installs a bunch of files, all except one do not have the work Busker in it. So it's hard to tell which files are part of Busker, and which are not.

    And, yes, I'm having the same issue...I need to figure out which files Busker installed.
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