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    My computer died. Now that I'm reinstalling everything, my Hot Sync Manager, of course, found another way to get jacked up.

    I'm only able to sync my Calendar, which only has 6 months or so of info on it, as it the calendar info I had apparently was too large for the 650 to handle when it was larger, and that sync'd up fine. Now, I get "The Conduit Manager has unexpectedly quit." A new problem.

    I've done everything a novice can do. I tried re-installing All the palm stuff. I tried restarting the computer and the Treo650. I've tried installing the 1.12 update, which I only found out about by accident.

    So, for one, is there way I can back this up before I drop the Treo and the Back-up card in a puddle or something?

    For two, which programs can I use on a Mac to sync, without taking a course, knowing computers inside and out, and without going insane? As you may be able to tell, I've been working on this for 10 hours.

    I'm on a Powerbook, 17", Op system 10.3.9, gig ram, 1.33 processor, 43 gig left on internal drive, external drive plenty of room.

    Thanks so much, really!
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    Also, I've got Panther 10.3.9 and Palm 4.2.1. Any takers?
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    If you have a card reader ($20-25) you can copy the card to your mac. It should appear as a drive on your desktop. Just drag it somewhere (documents) and it will copy. Should work if your ard is ever lost or damaged.

    Run Disk Utiliy program in your apps/utility folder. Do a repair permissions.
    Go toPalmOne and check under Mac Hotsync Support. They have a long list of things to do to get hotsync workign again.

    Other option is getting Missing Sync. Commerical software (~$45, no demo avaialble) Reliability is a little higher than Palm Desktop and it includes a palm application to make the Treo appear on the desktop. Doesn't support memo categories though.
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    Thanks so much. I tried Disk Utility permissions. I think I may get that card reader, but I do about half of my work typing in my Palm program on my computer. Am I way out of touch or something - behind the times? Is it bad to have Palm be my organizer and sync with HotSync? And it seems the entire software world seems to want to punish people for buying a mac.
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    I use Palm Desktop for organizing even on Mac OS X. I would have continued to use the Palm HotSync but they had a bad bug that hit me 3 times. It get's confused and then decides nothing has ever been synced and then proceeeds to try to reload all applications that you have ever installed, even ones that you tried for a day 6 months ago. Since it was random and took some effort to repair the damage I bought Missing Sync.

    >And it seems the entire software world seems to want to punish people for buying a mac.

    They're not bad; just stupid. Lazy marketing people and programmers.

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