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    Ok, don't mean to advertise other sites from which to buy things since treocentral has a store but a 650 for $174.99 seems hard to beat. My att treo 600 contact is up 8/10 so I'm thinking this might be a great deal and it is good until 7/30.

    anyone purchased a cell phone from good/bad comments? course not sure what voice & data plan would cost though guessing it is not cheap.

    tried to insert link but get a script window so guess u just have to and link over to cell phones, treo.

    thanks for any input
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    Well I went there and its true... 174.99 with the rebates..

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    Holy smokes, now that's a deal!
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    I bought mine from there. They contract out the cell phone business to Wirefly. I had to return a defective unit, and it made it a major pain. One of those he said, she said, I don't have access to do this, blah, blah, blah things. There is also specific language in the rebate form about early termination charges that can be charged back to you from Wirefly that are not mentioned in the online form.
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    So dsrlb does that mean u would not suggest buying it from due to the hassle of getting a unit replaced or would u say the low price made it worth jumping through the loops to get the low price when u had to get it replaced?

    Guess one could always hope they won't get or develop a defective unit though. Also, it came with a one year warranty for replacement if defective during that time I would assume?

    Don't really know anything about Wirefly. r u on verizion with data & voice and if so what is your cost per month if u don't mind me asking?

    Thanks for any other info on this.
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    I'd go straight to the Cingular/Verizon/Sprint store and see if they'd match the price. I had no difficulty getting my Sprint rep to match the best online price I found...and no waits for rebates. Plus you get "local" service. Not sure if Cingular and Verizon will do the same, though.
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    Not all sprint stores will match. I brought in the old Amazon $319 deal and they said, "sorry, we don't match online prices" and pointed me to their online discount.

    Some people were talking about this deal on another board and mentioned that some of the rebates are kooky (you have to wait 6 months to send one of them in) so weigh your options and preferences. It may be worth it to you.
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    ... just needs to inch down another $100 or so to reach the true value of the software in this phone.
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    Does anyone know what the terms are for the Verizon "$150 Voice and Data Mail-In Rebate." I can't find this anywhere.
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    That's the hook. Voice and Data rebate probably means 3 months of $49.99 per month data service. The discount is not off of the phone, but off of the Verizon data service, I expect.

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