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    ok I just upgraded my firmware to 1.12. Before when I used my bluetooth headset there was one beep notice in the headset itself (meaning that connection is in progress) Now after upgrade most of the time this beep last 2-3 sec. instead of 0.5 sec quick beep (it happens about 85% of the time when dialing ) I tried to remove HBH-660 from trused devices in my treo and sync it again but no change. Any ideas what is going on with it -I never had that problem before newfirmware. Thanx guys
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    Yup...I have the exact same problem with my 660. It works okay, but the long beep is rather annoying...
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    Same here also, thought my headset was broken. I cant tell if the call quality is better either.
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    I wonder if this is related to the DTMF tones also being much longer, too long now.
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    I`m glad I`m not alone with this issue.
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    I made several calls (5) this morning after upgrading to 1.12 and have no problems with the connection beep on my 660. It's still a 1/2 second beep.
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    After I upgraded to 1.12 my HBH-662 stopped working ?? It will pair but the Treo will not send any calls to the headset, incoming or outgoing I have reupgraded at least 4 times and always the same problem

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    My HBH-660 works great EXCEPT for the aforementioned long beep problem post upgrade. Everything is fine except the annoying tone it makes just before dialing starts. It must be fairly universal, to have so many people with this exact same problem.

    I can live with it, but it's not pleasant.
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    I'm experiencing the same problem with Treo 650 1.28 and have decided to send my HBH-300 and HBH-660 out get its firmware upgraded to the latest revision.

    Wish me luck.
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    This has been happenign to me since 1.08 ... I've gotten used to it. Sometimes, if the beep was too long, the audio channels wouldn't get set up right. But with 1.12, even with the longest beeps they still connect right.

    What, you can upgrade the firmware on the HBH-660?
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    I spoke with Sony for quite some time today about this problem. They said that this is something they have never heard about, and that (duh) it's probably an issue with the 650. Oh well...I am NOT going to call Pa1mOne about this problem...I just can't deal with those kind of headaches.
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    I had the same exact problem. I also have to repair up the headset at least once a week.
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    i have no problem with my bt headset even after firmware upgrade
    i use nokia hs-21w and it's trouble free..

    p.s. I have no connection to nokia and I am just try to propose some workable solutions
    Asia Pacific Traveller (HK based)
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    I get the longer beep on my new HBH-300. The HBH-300 has solved my static and range issues. The longer beep when dialing is a small price to pay for that.

    My Scala 500 doesn't have the long beep but has static issues when further than a couple of feet from the phone. I couldn't even have the phone on my right hip and the headset on the left ear without static.

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