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    prior to rom update, kb lights on and off with kblights off, nice and simple..
    post rom update, dimming screen results in dimming kb lights too, again relatively simple and progressive thinking by PalmOne......but I have noticed a very annoying flaw. Dimmed screen does not flicker,...dimmed kb lights flicker at a rate of 60-100 Hz. Enough so that the dimmed flickering Kb lights are distracting and useless.Therefore when operating with a dim screen, like right now!!! I have to turn off the kb lights with kbloff to eradicate the flickering lights...or use the treo with a bright screen.....arghhhhh.

    I suspect that this "bug" will never be fixed and I am damned to a dimmed flickering experience.

    Any hints, hacks, upgrades to kbloff to overide the dimming much welcome. Please also chime in if u are experiencing my woes.
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    honestly do a search. its been covered. the dimming feature doesnt really dim the LEDs, it actually pulses them so there are off on off on giving it a dimmer appearance
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    Correct, the treo has no dimmer control yet people wanted the option so palm went and created a PWM (pulse width modulation) routine to simulate dimmed lights. If you don't like them keep it all the way up or off...
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    I searched, guess my strings were in a knot. pulse width modulation good for audio, lousy for lights and leds. darn, more clicking the side button twice in my future.

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