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    I'm brand new to Treo usage. I was a pro back in the PalmPilot days, but haven't used any handheld device in years.

    I just bought a used 600 (Verizon) on eBay.

    What Email client do y'all recommend? I'd like to be able to check 3-5 POP3 accounts, and I want to leave the mail on the server. I do not want to sync mail with Outlook. I have a 500 MB PST file, and don't leave the house often enough to warrant any heavy syncing.

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    Heavy Doody: please do a search. This isnt meant to upset you but that topic is heavily discussed all over the place better than what I could ever do to help you.

    Check out the snappermail, versamail or chatter.

    You might also look on the cd (if you got one.) I thought it had an email client on it for the verizon treos?
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