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    Does anyone know a way to sync Contact information in Outlook subfolders without having to buy PocketMirror Pro 3.0?

    I have my contacts segregated by Personal, Business, Sales leads, etc, but only main Contact folder will sync.

    Thanks in advance...
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    Buy Agendus for Contacts, Datebook, Memo and ToDos, Agendus Pro for e-mail
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    Why buy agendus iof you have Docs to Go already doing some of this functionality.

    Buy the PocketMirror Pro 3.0 or upgrade Doc to Go and install the Inbox email functionality it ships with.
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    In my opinion, Pocket Mirror Pro is the way to go. I have used it for several years, and it handles subfolders great. It is well worth the upgrade.
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    There is no other way except an add-on program like pocket mirror pro or key suite.
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    I did solve it without buying an add-on. Copied contents of all sub-folders into main Contacts. No big deal. The subs are still in place and they're all in one list on the Treo, but mission accomplished. Thanks.
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    Another way that may work would be to use the "Catagories" list in Outlook. I think this syncs to "Catagories" on the Treo. I think this will work in Pocket Mirror standard. This will keep you from having one very looooong list of contacts on the Treo.
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