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    well basically i know nothing about this thing, i just bought an SD card of 1GB and put 200 mb of music on there, i made a folder called AUDIO and put it all in that folder, as soon as i take the sd card out and put it in my treo, it says it cant fidn the songs? Do i need anothe rprogram besdies realplayer? does treo not support mp3s?

    i also have a lot of other questions about other things, if anyone can help my email is
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    I don't use realplayer...I use pocket tunes. I think if you register your treo, you can get the basic player for free.

    Whatever player you are using...when you put your sd card in, the treo won't just start playing the songs. (Probably because most everyone puts something else on the card as well.)

    Go to realplayer and hit menu (look for an 'open' option). Once you do that, then select your sd card and then select that 'audio' folder. It should then load all your songs and you will be ready to go.

    PM and I can help. Also, I might suggest you edit your post so your email isn't out in the 'open'. I hate spam.
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    First off make sure you format the sd card in the treo using card info in the menu.. Then it should make an folder called rnaudio and that's where you would want to put the music so it can be seen by the realplayer... Hope this helps..
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