Sorry if this has been discussed before -- I've searched everywhere and don't find an answer.

I'm using Outlook 2003 for WinXP and Agendus Standard on my treo 650. I've defined the same categories for meetings on my PC and treo, and have assigned both colors and icons to these categories in agendus on the treo. When I view these meetings on my treo, I only see the category colors appearing in the "1" and "7" views (and I've looked at all possible views under each). I don't see either the colors nor the icons in the "31" view (despite the fact that I have 'icons' checked for the monthly view).

I only seem to be able to view the icons if I set them for each meeting on the treo, one by one... not if I set the icons according to the category of the meeting. How can I get icons to appear for categories in my calendar views?