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    Hope someone can help. I've looked around and found the problem but not the solution. On my never synced unlocked GSM Treo I get data to it from my Sprint 650. I beamed (with ZLauncher) my Calendar data base and now (I think this is what caused it) I get the message when I launch calendar (either from Palm GUI or ZLauncher) the message that this applicatioin cannot be launched because it is missing localization information. Funny thing it that DateBk5 has no probem. I leave tomorrow for 5 weeks in Europe and I'd sure like the Calendar program to work - can't always trust DateBk5, I think. I've done a soft reset. I really can't hotsync (too complicated just before I leave to do this.) Things work fine on the Sprint phone. Can I beam something from the Sprint to the GSM to make it all work. Any help would be much appreciated. I could restore from a back up that I did this morning on by SD card, but I'd loose all the last minute work I've done.
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    Fixed it!! When I beamed the calendar database to the GSM Treo from the Sprint Treo, it ended up with two files with the same name: CalendarDB-PDat_enUS. One in RAM (107k) and one in ROM (29k). Deleted the one in RAM and all got fixed. Whew!!

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