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    Does anyone have a way to make ZLauncher move *all* of docs to go onto the SD card? it seems to drop a lot of files that don't all have the same creator (is that what ZLauncher uses to move stuff to the card) and a lot of it seems to stay in RAM, where I'd rather it not be.
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    I wouldn't use ZLauncher in this particular instance to move Docs2Go to the SD card. Docs2Go is a complex suite of apps that rely on each other in strange ways that are peculiar when compared to the run of the mill palm app.

    There is a tool made for moving Docs2Go to the card which is from DataViz and works quite well. It will move around 4.6 meg worth or so of the apps and associated files to the SD card if I recall correctly.

    The core apps will stay in RAM as shortcuts and to facilitate syncing and ease of use.

    It works well and is a must have in my opinion.

    You can read more about it on this forum and find it at:

    Good luck....
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    I now have 20.5 MB free on my Treo 650 !!! POWER

    Thank you mattyparanoid

    This file should be given along with the DocsToGo on the install CD... dear god, 4MB? that is enough space free to do what I like... I suspect that I could get even more with some hacking software... hummm.....

    Any idea on how to get the basic crap like VersaMail mail onto the CD cards? or is the solution to send it to the delete me pile and install something else?

    T650 - it will terminate itself!!

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