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    Now that people have had their 650 for awhile, what cases are people happy with. I am looking for one that has a flap to cover the screen. I had a vaja for my 600 and loved it, but they changed the design for the 650 and I don't like it.
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    without a doubt, the T66 would fix your itch. Its strong, beautiful and well it does exactly what you want (plus you can see the LED). The only set back of course is the price, but believe me, I think the price is well worth it
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    I didn't like the T66 because the flap now comes from the bottom as opposed to the 600 version where the flap came over the top. I like over the top because first it protects the top of the phone and two with the bottom flap, it sticks out when you open the phone to talk. Looks stupid. I ordered one of the T66's and hated it and sold it.

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