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    So.... was anything ever confirmed about Flash mode and hanging up on 1 party during 3way? I've done all the searching I can and have found nothing.

    Today I tried and I was able to disconnect the person that I added onto a 3way call, which people said they weren't able to do. Am I just late to the game?
    If God brought you to it He'll bring you thru it!
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    OK... I'm really confused now... Up until Thursday of last week.. "Flash Mode" did not appear on my phone... On Saturday... I am on a call and hit the Green button to bring up the main dial pad so I can access my favorites buttons (As I pretty much do ALL the time while on calls).... BUT all of a sudden "FLASH MODE"!!!

    I have not installed/added/updated/restored ANYTHING to my phone in months....!!!

    I am ABSOLUTELY sure that it did NOTwork a week before... I know this because I have weekly conf calls where I am the one who ALWAYS makes two calls from my phone....

    This thing just appeared like a Virus or something.....
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    Ok... What's going on here now?!?!?! Now it's not working again..!!!!

    This does not make any sence.... I have not even done a sync of my phone since last week (Since I noticed it happening)

    BTW: I did not have to hold the button for the 4 secs as others reported... I worked by just a single press.... Now it does not work even if held for a minute(Tested)
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    Today, after 4 month(6 days shy...) "Flash Mode" is now back.... Why??

    Anyone else...???
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    lol... mine has always been there. Granted I got my phone (used) and it already had 1.12 on it, tho I think the person I got it from said when they got it 1.08 was on.

    Flash mode comes in handy for making sure the line is clear after disconnecting some1 from a 3way call, but it's useless for making another call.
    If God brought you to it He'll bring you thru it!
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