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    I am a proud new owner of an unlocked Treo 650, using it on T-mobile. I briefly had a locked one on Cingular, and both had the same problem, out of the box:

    When I answer the phone, the caller gets a brief earful of the ring, LOUD. It lasts perhaps 1/4 second. This should NEVER happen; the ringer should stop before the mic is turned on. Is there some way to correct this? I'm surprised I didn't reports of this already.

    Also, the keyboard backlight apparently flickers, probably around 20-30 times a second, and is only noticeable when I move the phone around. Is that normal?

    BTW, with T-zones and "the" Proxy, I'm getting 140kb in Philly! Sounds like EDGE is here too.
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    Welcome aboard Feiel..

    I too use ringo and my wife hates it when I don't have my ringer on silent because of that loud whatever it is. It does not matter if you use the hard key or the soft key on the display it still does it. The only way I've not been killing my callers ear is to put my phone on silent.

    There is another thread a few months back talkin about the same issue. Nobody came up with any ideas on that one either. It's not just ringo either, I used TreoGuard for a trial and it did it also.

    I hope firmware 1.28 fixes this, but I have not tested that because I customized my rom and am waiting for the zip of it to be released.... Anyone?
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    as long as I use the actual "key" on the keyboard to answer and not the 'screen' key, it does not do it. But when I use the LCD screen key to answer it always makes that terrible noise. ugh.


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