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    My boss just got a new 650 and I have a couple of questions. For this thread, the question is regarding hotsyncing, when you have a docking station for a laptop and a USB hub. After being unable to hotsync and contacting tech support, they said that the 650 has trouble synching through a docking station or hub. He said we will have to plug in directly into the laptop, which is a major inconvenience.

    Is this absolutely necessary? Has anyone found any workarounds?

    BTW, I noticed from my obligatory search of the issue that some are having bad cable issues, but this is not a problem since it works fine plugged in directly.
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    I hotsync without any problems using a USB hub plugged into one of my laptop's usb port...the 4 port USB hub I am using has its own power supply. Maybe your hub is "underpowered"?
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    That is a MFR of USB devices old standby. Whatever you do don't use a hub...oh no we don't support that. Very silly answer. I sync with with both my notebook dock at work and a belkin powered USB hub every day.
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    I sync through a Dell docking station all the time with no problem.
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