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    I am getting a treo650 today and the palmone site is a little confusing to me for the installation process. I already have a palm (tungsten) with palm program on my computer. They recommend going in and changing my backup folder to 'backupold', installing the new software, then deleting the old user name (even though I am supposed to assign the same username to the treo650?). All of this is a little confusing, I'm not a 'computer guy' as you can see. Wouldn't it be easier to beam my info from the tungsten directly to the treo650, de-install the palm program on my computer and reload the treo650 software as if I were a new palm user. Then with the 1st hotsynch the info on my treo650 will be automatically loaded onto the desktop, right?
    Your insight would be GREATLY appreciated, thanks!
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    The main reason to NOT sync your new Treo 650 straight to your current userid id for an existing Palm is that the current userid backup folder has device specific settings in it that will drive the Treo 650 nuts. The backup folder is there to restore yourself to your existing Palm after a hard reset.

    I always believe in following directions (ie Palm install directions) but I did something similiar to what you mention.

    I overwrote my existing Palm desktop with the new cd - to put Treo 650 specific stuff in place. (This left my T3, and 2 Zire 72s (2 daughters) still functioning fine with their hot syncs and such.)

    I beamed all my PIM (notes, memos, calendar, tasks, contacts. . .) from my T3 to the new Treo 650. (After you beam -- do a spot check to make sure that everything beamed, but do not worry -- you can always paste stuff over from your old Tungsten user id) (When beaming, within each application -- beam by category, then select all.)

    I then hot sync'd the new Treo 650 to a new user id -- to maintain the old intact as a backup situation. All the PIM data on the Treo went up stream to the new user id. Then I loaded my 3rd party software to the Treo 650, one at a time over a period of days to detect any incompatibility.

    Worked for me.

    Good Luck.
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