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  1.    #1 has the SanDisk 2GB Ultra II Secure Digital in stock for $170.95 after 5% off coupon. (Free shipping)

    5% Coupon
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    AHhhh! I just got my Sandisk 2GB Ultra ll in the mail today from
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    Tried to order one this morning, but didn't becase the coupon thing didn't work. It showed as stock at that time. This afternoon at around 2:50pm, it's out of stock. But it seems that they are slowly showing up at different sites.
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    Wow, it got sold out pretty fast.
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    Yeah, I got my order in first thing in the morning. Got it for $164..found a 10% off coupon. Now hopefully I will actually get it...
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    Mine just shipped from ecost yesterday. $174 from an order I placed in January
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    I just don't see the value in the 2 GB cards right now. Unless you have a single file over 1 GB the 1 GB cards can be had for under $70 (Just got a SanDisk 1 GB from Newegg for $68 inclufing shipping and it came in two days) and are actually cheaper than two seperate 512 MB cards. My price point would be just under $100 but until they come down to that level 1 GB should be plenty.

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