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    So I have a couple of bluetooth devices, a headset and a speakerphone in my car. Is it possible to have both be paired to the Treo at once so I can hit the connect button on any of them and have the Treo transfer the call?
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    That's a great question...I'd love to know the answer to this too. Perhaps the best thing to do would be to simply try it? Pair them both, have someone call you and see if anything explodes...
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    I'm guessing it'll work.

    I'm just curious what would happen you started a call while BOTH headsets were in range. However, my guess there is that the first one to connect would win.

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    it should work the way you'd expect. I've a Sony HBH-60 and an older Jabra BT headset paired to the Treo 650. Both will answer the call when the answer call button is pressed.

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