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    I have been experiencing 2 intermittent issues has anyone else seen this (or better yet corrected it )
    1) I will recieve a missed call alert after 12-18 hours. For example, woke the phone up yesterday at 9:00AM and it said I had missed a call. Turns out the missed call was the prvious evening. Even stranger I had used the phone, both outgoing and incomming several times after the missed call. The missed call is correctly recorded in the Call log however. Its almost like the alert got registered to occur at the wrong time.
    2) Intermittently when I press wake the phone (to make a call etc) The Display will be completely corrupt, it looks like its zoomed in abox 4x and skipping every other line (Looks like video memory got stomped on). If I do something that refreshes the screen all is OK. Still narrowing it down, but I think it occurs if I turn press "end-red" to sleep the device, while in blazer, and then wake the device by pressing the "on-green"

    Advice/Comments appreciated
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    I have had the same (or at least a similar) problem. I don't seem to be getting alerts for voicemail, SMS messages, calendar events, missed calls...well, anything. I did get one alert yesterday though. It was for a missed call that was about 12 hours old.

    I can tell from the date of your post that I might have to figure this out for myself. If I find something useful, I'll definitely post it here.

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    I fixed my problem by simply performing a soft reset on my device. Just open the battery cover and press the little button that is in there with your stylus if you'd like to try.

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