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    I have been using quickoffice for quite some time now, and I like the program a lot. However, I am getting tired, very tired of having to shell out $20 every time they release a new version. I have 7.1.57 and would like to consider upgrading to 7.5, but another $20. Geeesh. I would have to check back on the details, but I think I have at least $100 to $120 in this software now.

    I don't mind paying a little something for a major version upgrade (6.0 to 7.x), and maybe if they were calling this release 8.0 I wouldn't be complaining.

    Hey, Docs to Go users. How is the stability of the latest version on the 600? Do you have to shell out each time you get an upgrade?
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    Why do you have to upgrade so often? I am still using the original version that I got 5 years ago for my Palm III. It still runs on my Treo 600 and serves my purpose. It would be nice to work with the native format instead of converting the file, but it is not worth the cost of upgrading. But on the other hand I only have Quicksheet. Maybe the other programs are different

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