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    Installed the firmware update; trying to get DUN to work on a PowerBook running 10.3.9. Everything seems fine until I actually try to make the call, and then I get a dialog box:

    A Bluetooth serial failure has occurred.
    Failed to open an RFCOMM serial channel.
    Check if authentication needs to be enabled in your device.

    Can't find a reference to this in the new Sprint User Guide or in the Mac help stuff. Any ideas anyone?

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    Try posting your question in the Mac and Treo boards:
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    You need to pair your Mac with the Treo after the Treo's DUN setting has been set to On in the Bluetooth application. After you have paired the two successfully, open "Internet Connect" on your Mac, select Bluetooth, enter the telephone number (#777), Account name (your vision user name) and Password (your vision password). Save the settings and then hit Connect. It should log in and you should be up and running.
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    Broooooose is cooooorrect. Works like a charm.

    It's great on those occasions when you bring your laptop in the car, and you can surf the web on the road while riding shotgun!
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    That's exactly my objective; I have the VRZN PC card now, and love it, but it would save some real money to replace it with this solution. However...

    I do exactly as Brooose says, and I get an immediate disconnect followed by the error cited above. Anybody have any ideas?

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    Just spoke with 2nd level tech support at Sprint, responsbile for PDA's. Their official policy: "We don't support the use of the phone as a modem". When I reminded them that the latest firmware update specifically calls out DUN, and the SPRINT User Guide PDF tells how to use it, he blamed it on Palm, said there's not support at Sprint. You're on your own!
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    OK, found the problem. Silly, silly me....

    In the Pairing helper, I left the "Modem Script" pulldown set to Apple Internal Modem. Once I changed it to "Sprint PCS Vision", I'm able to connect, and happy!

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