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    Hi forum,

    I have a treo 180 (with a broken lid), that I used with T-Mobile. I have since then terminated that account, and use the unit as a PDA only (I am waiting for an affordable and sturdy version of the treo 600, but considering Treo's history -- lids, orange dots, the wait may be long :-( ).

    I would like to unlock the unit so that I can use it during an upcoming trip to Europe. Looking on the web, I found that the unlock code is most likely 1234 or 1111. But, I don't know the unlocking procedure. Plainly, what utility/menu do I use in order to get to the prompt screen: enter unlock code?


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    do a search on google or look on ebay - there is a forum with a member who generates the unlock codes for 180's...

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