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    When I go to create a new message and click on the drop down arrow and start typing first character of first name and last name it seems to be searching the sim card - not contacts.

    also it seems to lookup by first name not the usual contact search method of first initial followed by name.

    Any ideas as to what settings I may have wrong please
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    When I hit "Look In Contacts" I get listings of cell numbers and e-mail addresses from both, my SIM card and contacts.

    I had to manually edit the names on my SIM to show last name first. The default was first name first. That may be why typing the two letters is bringing up the first names instead of the last. Check how they're listed on your SIM.
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    thanks. just checked my lookup list and it only shows sim entries. no Contacts info listed.
    however if I manualy enter the phone no then when using the down arrow to get to the text box the correct name pops up (from the Contact register on the Treo)

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