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    Has anybody else had significant issues with customer service w/r/t registering products purchased from Motion Apps? I paid for mRing using PayPal via the Motion Apps website last Thursday night, under the impression from the text on the site that I would receive an e-mail with my registration number immediately.

    It turns out that it is "immediately after your order is processed", not immediately after your order; this is clarified elsewhere on the site (as in, when you don't get your code and fill out the automated form to find it) where it says this may take up to two business days.

    Now, if they had a reasonable trial period, this would be annoying, but inconsequential; only having a five day trial, however, I'm now locked out of an application I have fully paid for, because despite it having been five days (three business days) since I ordered, I still have not gotten my registration info, and have had no response to my attempts to contact them via their website.

    I even went so far as to try to get a phone number from the WHOIS for their site and call that, but only got a generic voicemail box for somebody I believe to be the owner/developer. Left a message there yesterday; still no reply.

    Am I the only one stuck here in Screwedsville? I don't want to have to contest the purchase with PayPal, since that's a huge hassle, and since for the five days it did work I really liked it, but it's rapidly getting to that point. Not to mention that to promise a product in a given amount of time ("this may take up to two business days") and neither do so nor inform the customer of the delay is a violation of FTC regulations and could result in a company being fined for doing so...AARGH

    Anyway, am I just unlucky, or is this typical of Motion Apps?

    A very frustrated,
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    I've not had any problems with them in the past.
    I would say that your order has got lost or has "fallen off the table".

    I can't see that you have emailed them. If not then send them some short emails with dates and facts and I'm sure them will respond quickly.

    Worth a try
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    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    Yes, I had e-mailed them, via the "Contact Us" form on their website, at least three times, in addition to my attempt to contact by phone. They didn't reply in anything even vaguely resembling promptness, and in fact have yet to actually reply with anything but an automated message.

    That said, whaddya know? Within an hour of posting this here and on one other forum, I get an e-mail (at 1:40 am local time for Motion Apps) informing me that I'm now registered in their support forum and allowing me to login and get my reg code. Strange coincidence, or public complaints made them move, I dunno, but I'll take it.

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    Sounds like a hiccup in their system.

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    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway

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