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    Not sure anyone face this problem also, my card export II no longer works after I upgraded my Treo650 FW to 1.28. When I connect to PC, no error is given, but on the PC side, Windows XP (SP2) will indicate that there is an error in the connected mass storage device. When I try to disconnect, my Treo will give an error about USB port (cannot see clearly since it flashes too fast). But it will disconnect with no error on my second try. My Card Export II work perfectly before FW upgrade.
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    mine is OK, though I use Windows 2000 at my PC
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    Anybody use Card Export II with the Sprint 1.12 updater yet?
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    Mine also doesnt work, Palm says its connected while XP Pro doesnt see anything.

    If anyone comes across a fix, please let me know.
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    Found the fix:

    Uninstall Card Export 2,
    Using resco explorer, under control panel delete System[pusb,256],
    Soft reset
    reinstall and enjoy.

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    Ya, solve my problem also, use similar procedures except I use FileZ to remove pusb from saved preferences, thanks for the help.

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